Devil’s Icosahedron & Artist Educational Video

{ Watch Artist Educational Video } Devil's Icosahedron and Artist Educational Video together form my major in Visual Art for the Higher School Certificate of 2016. This collection of works was exhibited in the Broughton Anglican College hall on the 18th of August, 2016. Devil's Icosahedron (the title being parallel to Devil's Dodecahedron) is a... Continue Reading →


Autism Educational Video

{ Watch } Autism Educational Video was one of my two Visual Arts majors for Year 11 at Broughton Anglican College. It aims to present my humorous mental and emotional stance on Autism Spectrum Disorder in the form of videography. Each video clip addresses a stereotype of autism. Andrew Huang's song 'Meatier' was chosen to... Continue Reading →

The 2014 Collection

The 2014 Collection is a re-creation of the 2011 Collection in that it uses roughly the same practice, but instead on A5 paper. Each of the artworks were created one day apart from each other, and all of them have titles. The exact dates of their creation are uncertain, though they were made from late... Continue Reading →

A Grievous Fault

Acrylic and permanent marker on Stonehenge paper. 34.5 x 36.5cm. Date of creation uncertain, based upon William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.

The 2011 Collection

The 2011 Collection consists of four A3 sketches done with a mixture of coloured and lead pencil, black pen and texta. They were created at unknown times during my first year in high school Visual Arts.

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