[h3h3 game]

{ Download (Windows required) } { Download soundtrack } This was a video game I slaved over momentarily in an effort to complete an assignment for my Software Design and Development course. It is a platformer stylised after the Nintendo Entertainment System featuring the crew and cast of h3h3productions, faithful to the most critically-acclaimed retro... Continue Reading →


Steam Trading Card Statistics Generator

{ Download (Windows required) } { Read portfolio } Like [h3h3 game], this program was a major for my software course at Broughton Anglican College, though this was completed the year before. It was developed using Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express and its goal is to generate randomised statistics for Steam trading cards, namely six... Continue Reading →

Battle Test v1.08

{ Download (Windows required) } Battle Test was a small project I did on the side of my Software Design and Development course in Year 11, demonstrating my capabilities of using the console application generator of Visual Basic. It is a strategic command-based chance game about descending into an infinite dungeon and slaying alphabetically named... Continue Reading →

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