Alternate gamemode maps and prefabs

To establish myself on the Rushy Servers Wacky Maps servers, I decided to make some alternate gamemodes for existing Valve maps, and made prefabs for some of them so others could add these gamemodes to their maps easily. Below are all of the alternate gamemode maps. Domination Standin (has developer commentary) Invade CTF Freight Hold... Continue Reading →

Advertisements website

{ Visit site } During my time working for free on the moderation team for Rushy Servers, I had the opportunity to test my HTML and CSS skills by designing a donation page from the ground up, including all image assets. The server owner helped me with the JavaScript side of the page, however. I... Continue Reading →

NullpoMino mods

{ View GameBanana page on NullpoMino } I fell in love with NullpoMino when I first found out about it, but when I looked to see if GameBanana had made any mods, no-one had yet stepped up to the plate. Thus I decided to barrage the site with both my mods and mods from other... Continue Reading →


{ Download (Windows required) } { Download soundtrack } { Watch developer commentary } blockMania was a forgotten gem from 2010, made as a side project fueled by an early desire to make a video game completely independently, and left to rust on a hard drive until 2017. I let the game resurface and ported... Continue Reading →

Ending Worlds

  { Read } { Download soundtrack } Ending Worlds was a webcomic drawn by long time internet friend MB based on the fusion of his comic hand-drawn style and the role-play video game formula. It terminated on the 8th of September, 2016 due to a mixture of exam stress and disinterest. Personal work included... Continue Reading →

Unitale: Willow & Kyrst

{ Download Willow (Unitale required, designed for 0.2.0) } { Download Kyrst (Unitale required, designed for 0.2.0) } The Unitale experiments of Willow and Kyrst were a way of gaining the trust of the Undertale community on Tumblr. Two random characters made by my Tumblr followers were selected and made into working Unitale battles with... Continue Reading →

Working Title: Remastered

{ Read (Incomplete, cancelled) } Working Title: Remastered was a huge project that me and accompanying author Smurf took on in an attempt to drastically improve a novel that I had solo-written and published online (with the same story flow as Everfree Blanks). Unfortunately we could not see into the future, and eventually had to stop rewriting... Continue Reading →


{ Watch } OTHᴲLLO is an adaptation of Shakespeare's play Othello set in a universe similar to the world of YouTuber Filthy Frank, where time is measured in chromosomes and the divide of the species is between those that detest anime and those that adore it. It was produced in collaboration with schoolmates Smurf, 'Bane',... Continue Reading →

Battle Test v1.08

{ Download (Windows required) } Battle Test was a small project I did on the side of my Software Design and Development course in Year 11, demonstrating my capabilities of using the console application generator of Visual Basic. It is a strategic command-based chance game about descending into an infinite dungeon and slaying alphabetically named... Continue Reading →

Ask A the Dragon

{ Read } The Tumblr blog Ask A the Dragon was a failed attempt at establishing a webcomic. Part Zero was completed but with a significant lack of effort, and Part Two, which was in collaboration with MB who drew every post, was cancelled. A's existence lasted from December 2013 to two years and one... Continue Reading →

The Gmod Box

  { Read } The Gmod Box was a three-dimensional webcomic created using Garry's Mod in collaboration with other Garry's Mod-proficient Tumblr users: Mattwo, Kayakazan (warning: adult content) and Jbotz Gamerbot. It had failed previously, and I believed that with my entry into the project, rebooting it would resolve every problem, but unfortunately this was... Continue Reading →

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