{ Download my contributions } Note that Outertale is not a fangame but only a concept. If you have any intentions of making Outertale into a fangame, please do not attempt to. Too many people have tried and failed, and it would be preferred for the cycle not to repeat itself. Outertale is a fan-made... Continue Reading →


Vidme Megamix

{ Listen on YouTube } This 36-minute song mashup uses one single track from all of my Bandcamp albums (excluding A❤ and any others after it), and they are all available for purchase and/or download from my Bandcamp. The megamix was originally uploaded to Vidme by me on February the 17th, 2017 at 10:13am before... Continue Reading →

[h3h3 game]

{ Download (Windows required) } { Download soundtrack } This was a video game I slaved over momentarily in an effort to complete an assignment for my Software Design and Development course. It is a platformer stylised after the Nintendo Entertainment System featuring the crew and cast of h3h3productions, faithful to the most critically-acclaimed retro... Continue Reading →


  { Download (Windows required) } { Purchase soundtrack } Sender is a fan-made prequel of Wolfire Games' first-person gun-mechanics shooter Receiver. Instead of assuming the role of an outsider, you play as an insider piloting a low-budget hover-drone, collecting the pieces of the puzzle for the outsiders before the MindKill. The entire game is... Continue Reading →

Educafun Vision

{ Download } Educafun Vision is a music track made mostly from the sounds of Nintendo's Earthbound on the SNES. It was initially produced for Visual Arts class, but made its roots as a remix of EarthBound's The Place. A music visualiser advertising the track was uploaded to my YouTube channel.


{ Download } 2603 is a compilation of old songs, both from the early years of my high schooling and that which I created back when my alias wasn't Jack5, using a software on the Nintendo DS called Rytmik. The only track that is not made in Rytmik is Katherine's Mental State May Be Questionable,... Continue Reading →

Super Bell Hill (Jack5 Re-work)

{ Download } This track was made for an animation that I was planning to do with MB and Nayth at the time, but it never happened, so I instead released it as is. It is a simple drum-and-bass recreation of Super Bell Hill from Super Mario 3D World.

Aeon Fux – Close 2 U (Jack5 Re-work)

{ Download } A remix of one of Aeon Fux's tracks, inspired by Form & Shape's remix of Aeon Fux - Tender. There isn't much else to say about this track, it was merely trying to put a drumbeat, bassline and synth on a song without any instruments or indication of time.

Flume: Jack5 8bit Sessions

{ Download } This album was a small spare-time project I did, where each day for a duration of three days, I would remake a Flume song from his first feature-length album using only 3xOSC, Famisynth and YMCK's Magical 8bit Plug. The included songs are Space Cadet, Ezra and Stay Close. It is possible that... Continue Reading →

Becoming Popular (Jack5 Blind Remix)

{ Download } This was another song created during my time in the My Little Pony fandom. It is a re-imagining (and even a re-timing) of the song Becoming Popular, in which the character Rarity travels to Canterlot and exercises her authority as a fashionista. The remix was created without listening to the original song,... Continue Reading →

Hoping For Publicity

{ Download } Hoping For Publicity is a collection of remixes (Granola and The Foreign Language Song) as well as 8bit-like versions of Gunnarolla's music. The tracks Don't Sleep Before 11 and Don't Wake After 6 are original compositions of significantly lower quality than my other music. As for the reason this album was made, it's... Continue Reading →

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