{ Download (Windows required) } { Download soundtrack } { Watch developer commentary } blockMania was a forgotten gem from 2010, made as a side project fueled by an early desire to make a video game completely independently, and left to rust on a hard drive until 2017. I let the game resurface and ported... Continue Reading →



  { Purchase } A❤ (also written as AHEART) was my first iTunes-available album, summarising my musical career. It has been a constant work-in-progress over the course of four years as my practice has grown exponentially, with early manifestations being Flux (released late 2013) and Work (released late 2014). Tracks featured in the album include... Continue Reading →


  { Download (Windows required) } { Purchase soundtrack } Sender is a fan-made prequel of Wolfire Games' first-person gun-mechanics shooter Receiver. Instead of assuming the role of an outsider, you play as an insider piloting a low-budget hover-drone, collecting the pieces of the puzzle for the outsiders before the MindKill. The entire game is... Continue Reading →

Educafun Vision

{ Download } Educafun Vision is a music track made mostly from the sounds of Nintendo's Earthbound on the SNES. It was initially produced for Visual Arts class, but made its roots as a remix of EarthBound's The Place. A music visualiser advertising the track was uploaded to my YouTube channel.


{ Purchase } This album was made after receiving inspiration from making Psychological Instability, and the tracks contained within were made with a more open mind in terms of genres and instrumentation. Notable examples are Planes (the only GarageBand piece), All Play And No Work (wonky drumbeats and bass wobbles), Multimodular (the only piece with... Continue Reading →

Psychological Instability

{ Download (Portal required) } { Purchase soundtrack } Psychological Instability is an incredibly short series of puzzles made for the original Portal by Valve, utilising advanced gameplay mechanics beyond that which lies in the main campaign. All of the music in the map is completely original. Production of the map began on June the... Continue Reading →

When There Was More

{ Purchase } When There Was More was my first attempt at making away-from-the-usual music, though as I look back at it I feel that I wasn't very successful in my attempt. Featured in the album is the piano playing of Jonathan Bines and the vocals of Nayth. My personal favourite song is the second... Continue Reading →


{ Purchase } EHT (Everybody Hates Triangles) is a collaborative work between me (the producer and musician of the album) and Smurf (the lyricist). Together we made detestable songs that have no artistic purpose or meaning, and are purely comedy. Foreign Kitchen was inspired by Gunnarolla's The Foreign Language Song which similarly utilises non-English phrases... Continue Reading →


{ Purchase } Single was my first music album of 2014. It contains the two 2014 versions of the track Single, as well as Launchpad, a short and odd track. The newer version of Single was released in my magnum opus A❤.


{ Purchase } This album is larger than any other albums of my own, containing roughly 26 songs of various electronic genres. Listeners are assured that this album will get people dancing, depending on the location and population density in that particular location, as well as several other contributing factors. When it comes to Flux,... Continue Reading →

Commonly Used Names

{ Purchase } Commonly Used Names is comprised completely of 8bit sounds made using Famisynth, Magical 8bit Plug and 3xOSC, plugins for FL Studio. Tracks 3 to 12 were created and named based on the names of characters that the public sent in through Tumblr and the feelings they invoked.

Partying Is Good For Your Health

{ Purchase } This is my first feature-length album that still exists to this day (I had deleted previous attempts like It Seems We Have A Problem). It consists of several house grooves that listeners of old still come to listen to, as well as the studio version of Flux from Flux. My personal favourite... Continue Reading →

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