Untitled (Please insert e-soul) and misc. other Portal maps

  { Download all miscellaneous maps (Portal required) } Untitled (Please insert e-soul) was finished on May the 9th, 2015, and was my first major Visual Art piece from Year 11 of my time at Broughton Anglican College. It is a Portal map that uses primitive textures in order to create an arguably perfect likeness... Continue Reading →


Psychological Instability

{ Download (Portal required) } { Purchase soundtrack } Psychological Instability is an incredibly short series of puzzles made for the original Portal by Valve, utilising advanced gameplay mechanics beyond that which lies in the main campaign. All of the music in the map is completely original. Production of the map began on June the... Continue Reading →

jack5’s Chambers

{ Subscribe (Portal 2 on Steam required) } During my time playing through Portal 2's singleplayer and co-op campaigns, I managed to create a lengthy series of custom chambers using the in-built level editor. There are 25 chambers in total, and it is recommended you play them in order. The series name "jack5's Chambers" is not... Continue Reading →

The 2011 Collection

The 2011 Collection consists of four A3 sketches done with a mixture of coloured and lead pencil, black pen and texta. They were created at unknown times during my first year in high school Visual Arts. None of the artworks were named, though for archiving purposes, the titles Bottle, Fruit, Log and Turret have been... Continue Reading →

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