Becoming Popular (Jack5 Blind Remix)

{ Download } This was another song created during my time in the My Little Pony fandom. It is a re-imagining (and even a re-timing) of the song Becoming Popular, in which the character Rarity travels to Canterlot and exercises her authority as a fashionista. The remix was created without listening to the original song,... Continue Reading →


Ask A the Dragon

{ Read } The Tumblr blog Ask A the Dragon was a failed attempt at establishing a webcomic. Part Zero was completed but with a significant lack of effort, and Part Two, which was in collaboration with MB who drew every post, was cancelled. A's existence lasted from December 2013 to two years and one... Continue Reading →

The Gmod Box

  { Read } The Gmod Box was a three-dimensional webcomic created using Garry's Mod in collaboration with other Garry's Mod-proficient Tumblr users: Mattwo, Kayakazan (warning: adult content) and Jbotz Gamerbot. It had failed previously, and I believed that with my entry into the project, rebooting it would resolve every problem, but unfortunately this was... Continue Reading →


  { Download (Animated images) } The GIF.TRIP image series started on September the 7th, 2013, and officially ended due to lack of interest on November the 12th of the same year. It was an attempt at making GIF animations, mainly through pixel art, and was founded based on a love for the BIT.TRIP games.... Continue Reading →

tumblr.pony artworks

    { Download (Images) } Please note that some images contained within the download are considered "grimdark" and should not be viewed by easily disturbed people. For all who access the download, I apologise. The tumblr.pony artwork series started on July the 15th, 2013, and officially ended due to lack of interest on August... Continue Reading →

Everfree Blanks

{ Read (Complete) } { Purchase soundtrack } "If ponies that were important to the community were being taken by the Everfree Forest, would you dare to rescue them? This story follows Applebloom and Metalhoof, witnesses to the unusual happenings in Ponyville." Everfree Blanks was my attempt to cash into the My Little Pony franchise... Continue Reading →

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