{ Download (Windows required) } { Download soundtrack } { Watch developer commentary } blockMania was a forgotten gem from 2010, made as a side project fueled by an early desire to make a video game completely independently, and left to rust on a hard drive until 2017. I let the game resurface and ported... Continue Reading →


[h3h3 game]

{ Download (Windows required) } { Download soundtrack } This was a video game I slaved over momentarily in an effort to complete an assignment for my Software Design and Development course. It is a platformer stylised after the Nintendo Entertainment System featuring the crew and cast of h3h3productions, faithful to the most critically-acclaimed retro... Continue Reading →


  { Download (Windows required) } { Purchase soundtrack } Sender is a fan-made prequel of Wolfire Games' first-person gun-mechanics shooter Receiver. Instead of assuming the role of an outsider, you play as an insider piloting a low-budget hover-drone, collecting the pieces of the puzzle for the outsiders before the MindKill. The entire game is... Continue Reading →

Flap Flap: Cyberflight Supreme

{ Download (Windows required) } Flap Flap: Cyberflight Supreme is a Flappy Bird clone I built to be interesting, where you play as an orange hollow diamond. It was a long-lasting project that had its roots early in the previous year, though after several revisions and remasterings, became the game we know today. It contains... Continue Reading →

Battle Test v1.08

{ Download (Windows required) } Battle Test was a small project I did on the side of my Software Design and Development course in Year 11, demonstrating my capabilities of using the console application generator of Visual Basic. It is a strategic command-based chance game about descending into an infinite dungeon and slaying alphabetically named... Continue Reading →

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