Autism Against Humanity

{ Play in Pretend You're Xyzzy } Autism Against Humanity is the collective work of me and Jack White, produced over the course of years, refined again and again. It was originally printed on A4 sheets and laminated in a private environment under the pseudonym 'Cards Against O'Brien', but that version was a quarter the size... Continue Reading →


Autism Educational Video

{ Watch } Autism Educational Video was one of my two Visual Arts majors for Year 11 at Broughton Anglican College. It aims to present my humorous mental and emotional stance on Autism Spectrum Disorder in the form of videography. Each video clip addresses a stereotype of autism. Andrew Huang's song 'Meatier' was chosen to... Continue Reading →


{ Watch } OTHᴲLLO is an adaptation of Shakespeare's play Othello set in a universe similar to the world of YouTuber Filthy Frank, where time is measured in chromosomes and the divide of the species is between those that detest anime and those that adore it. It was produced in collaboration with schoolmates Jack White,... Continue Reading →

Teen immaturity – Road safety ad

{ Watch } Teen immaturity - Road safety ad was an assignment for Personal Development, Health and Physical Education in Year 10 of my time at Broughton Anglican College. The objective was to highlight a particular issue that teenagers may face when driving through the use of film. Pairing up with Jack White, we created... Continue Reading →


{ Purchase } EHT (Everybody Hates Triangles) is a collaborative work between me (the producer and musician of the album) and Jack White (the lyricist). Together we made detestable songs that have no artistic purpose or meaning, and are purely comedy. Foreign Kitchen was inspired by Gunnarolla - The Foreign Language Song which similarly utilises... Continue Reading →

Hoping For Publicity

{ Download } A collection of remixes (Granola and The Foreign Language Song) as well as video game compressions of Gunnarolla's music. The tracks Don't Sleep Before 11 and Don't Wake After 6 are original compositions of significantly lower quality than my other music.


{ Download } Tissuequest is an 8bit compression of Lemon Demon - BRODYQUEST originally made for the private use of Nayth1999. Upon the single's release to the public it spiraled out of control, instantly becoming a meme. The hype has died down now, but this gem is still available.


{ Watch series } EDUCAFUN was a brief and scattered series that I dominantly scripted and filmed. The title was stolen from a MAD magazine I once read, a combination of the words education and fun. The aim of the series was entirely to be humorous, completely skewing the facts of the world in very... Continue Reading →

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