Zombie Survival optimisations

As part of my time playing Team Fortress 2, I had taken a liking to the Zombie Survival community gamemode, where weapon-less Medics would attempt to infect an entire team of sentry-less Engineers before time runs out, and decided to make a couple of gamemode specific maps, even though only a couple became official. The... Continue Reading →


Vidme Megamix

{ Listen at Vidme } This 36-minute song mashup uses one single track from all of my previous Bandcamp albums (excluding A❤ and any others after it), and they are all available for purchase and/or download from my Bandcamp. SONG ORDER: /Roflcopter/ Roflcopter /Cluster/ Atmosph /Flux/ Flux Neue Polyphony Digital - Driving Missions (Aesthetic Jack5-Spec) /Commonly Used... Continue Reading →

Tinycards Flashcards

{ Open in browser } Tinycards is an educational platform where any person is able to create a set of flashcards for themselves for easy memory, or search online for sets created by other people. I have created a total of 4 flashcard sets during my time at Broughton Anglican College, 2 being Maths related,... Continue Reading →

Kahoot Quizzes

Kahoot is an educational platform where a teacher displays a multiple choice quiz on a projector, and students access the quiz by entering a Game PIN into their own devices. I have created a total of 3 quizzes during my time at Broughton Anglican College, 2 being Chemistry related, and the other Maths related. These... Continue Reading →

The 2014 Collection

The 2014 Collection is a re-creation of the 2011 Collection in that it uses roughly the same practice, but instead on A5 paper. Each of the artworks were created one day apart from each other, and all of them have titles. The exact dates of their creation are uncertain, though they were made from late... Continue Reading →


{ Download (Animated images) } The GIF.TRIP image series started on September the 7th, 2013, and officially ended due to lack of interest November the 12th of the same year. It was an attempt at making GIF animations, mainly through pixel art, and was founded based on a love for the BIT.TRIP games. The GIFs... Continue Reading →


{ Watch series } EDUCAFUN was a brief and scattered series that I dominantly scripted and filmed. The title was stolen from a MAD magazine I once read, a combination of the words education and fun. The aim of the series was entirely to be humorous, completely skewing the facts of the world in very... Continue Reading →

High Score Productions

{ Watch the remnants } High Score Productions was an amateur comedy channel which essentially aimed to rip off CollegeHumor, created in late 2010 and lasting until early 2011 because of tensions between the cast. All whole remainders of the videos were deleted in 2015. The YouTube channel starred me, Kyle, Jonathan, and another person... Continue Reading →

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