YouTube – My most influential and prominent social network, birthing new pieces of art or comedy whenever I feel like it. My videography is my defining characteristic as a creator, and here is where I explore and exploit it.

Bandcamp – Bandcamp is my main source of musical content, boasting a large lineup of original releases and remixes, all available for purchase or free download. If you would like to support me commercially, this is the best place to send money my way.

Steam – Steam has always been the home of PC gaming for me, and is often where I hang out and chat with friends. I do not accept random friend requests, but I might respond to a profile comment.

Twitter – Mostly me retweeting stuff that I find meme-worthy and reposting articles from this website. Status updates are rare and usually in-jokes, since my audience there is so small. Don’t expect me to do any fan service or daily rambles.

GameBanana – This particular network’s purpose is to host Psychological Instability, all of my Team Fortress 2 maps and mods, and many other projects that I simply cannot name all at once.

Game Jolt – The home of video games I have created, including Flap Flap: Cyberflight Supreme, Sender, [h3h3 game] and blockMania. Presently, all are free to download for Windows PCs. All other operating systems are unsupported.


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