YouTube, Vidme – My most influential and prominent social networks, birthing new pieces of art or comedy simultaneously whenever I feel like it. They are also good indications of how many people actually know about me: not many. If you would like to support my video making, please watch and donate through Vidme. YouTube is currently only for easy access, and contains early versions of videos which may include inappropriate content.

Bandcamp, SoundCloud – Both Bandcamp and SoundCloud are the main sources of my musical content. Bandcamp contains official releases, whereas SoundCloud contains prototypes as well as other odd covers or remixes, but only as they are applicable.

Steam – Steam has always been the home of PC gaming for me, and is often where I hang out and chat with friends. When I talk to people through instant message, it is usually through Steam.

Twitter – Mostly me retweeting stuff that I find are meme-worthy. Status updates are rare and usually in-jokes, since my audience there is so small.

Tumblr (Main, Fandom) – Again, mostly me reblogging posts I find meme-worthy. The main blog is for generic reblogs, and the fandom blog is for fandom-related posts, obviously.

GameBanana – This particular network is the one I am the most inactive on, and its only purpose is to host Psychological Instability, as well as some other projects I undertook for Valve games. In the future, I may completely disable it in favour of posting the downloads onto my portfolio.

Game Jolt – The home of video games I have created, including Flap Flap: Cyberflight Supreme, Sender and [h3h3 game]. Presently, all are free to download for Windows PCs. Mac OSX and Linux are not supported.