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Art by TAT3XD.

Greetings, one and all, and welcome to my online portfolio. This WordPress site aims to host links and descriptions of all of my most influential projects, but enough about the site, you want to know about me personally.

My name is Jack Stringer, and I am a young adult that was born on February the 28th, 1998, and was medically diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at age 3. My passion has always been in computer software consumption, design and development, and I have been exercising this from as young as five years old. My sense of creativity first began in Thomas Acres Public School, where I founded two series of comic strips and collaboratively drew with my closest friends at the time. (These friends also briefly entered my video-making career as High Score Productions.)

After leaving primary school, I continued to develop my practice in drawing under the alias jack5, though at the same time learned of new ways to express myself using new technologies such as the internet, videography, graphic design and music production. By about Year 10 of my time in Broughton Anglican College, I decided to mostly abandon my drawing pastimes and focus on the future, capitalising the J in my alias.

My creativity has always been focused on making a select few group of people laugh, depending on my surroundings, and I have continued to do so through my use of comedy, though this form of entertainment has changed significantly since the early days, in which comedy comprised of stealing popular YouTube quotes and claiming them as my own