Vidme Megamix

{ Listen at Vidme }

This 36-minute song mashup uses one single track from all of my previous Bandcamp albums (excluding A❤ and any others after it), and they are all available for purchase and/or download from my Bandcamp.


  • /Roflcopter/ Roflcopter
  • /Cluster/ Atmosph
  • /Flux/ Flux Neue
  • Polyphony Digital – Driving Missions (Aesthetic Jack5-Spec)
  • /Commonly Used Names/ Start
  • /Everfree Blanks/ Everfree Blanks
  • /Sender OST/ Anton Riehl – A Slow Mindkill (Jack5 Re-work)
  • Educafun Vision
  • /Hoping For Publicity/ Gunnarolla – This is Russia from Above (Jack5 Remix)
  • Darude – Sandstorm (Jack5 Re-work)
  • /Work EP/ All Play And No Work
  • Alllevelsatonce – Fluttershy’s Lament (Jack5 Remix ft. Ikari Shipper)
  • /2603/ Time And Space Mechanic
  • HOME – Resonance (Jack5 8bit Cover)
  • /Work/ Planes
  • Nintendo – Super Bell Hill (Jack5 Re-work)
  • Tissuequest
  • /EHT/ EHT [Jack5 and WHARRGARBLSMURF] – Foreign Kitchen
  • /Single/ Single (2014 Version)
  • /Flume: Jack5 8bit Sessions/ Flume – Space Cadet (Jack5 8bit Session)
  • Many Amaze
  • Hasbro – Becoming Popular (Jack5 Blind Remix)
  • WoodenToaster – Pinkie’s Lie (Jack5 Remix)
  • /Partying Is Good For Your Health/ Sick Freaks
  • Aeon Fux – Close 2 U (Jack5 Re-work)
  • /Psychological Instability OST/ A Cube In The Window

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