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o5u is a skin being developed and used by osu! player jack5osu, who at the time of this readme’s publication is able to get Silver SS ranks in one star maps, regular SS ranks and As in two star maps, and normally Bs in three star maps, thus the skin is geared towards players with similar ability. This version of o5u has been built for Stable version b20170103.2, and Cutting Edge is not supported.

The most notable changes in the skin are: Silver SS and Silver S ranks being reskinned to read SSX (great PS2 game, by the way) and SX, Catch the Beat fruit reskinned into cubes, mod icons being more streamlined during multiplayer, and a looming need to listen to vaporwave, play Mini Metro and watch Adult Swim. This skin also changes the arrangement of osu!mania keys and the use of fonts. Be advised that any beatmaps with custom-made in-circle numbers will affect the combo display of this skin within those beatmaps; it may look good or it may look hideous, and if it does, just disable the beatmap skin.


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