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A❤ (also written as AHEART) was my first iTunes-available album, summarising my musical career. It has been a constant work-in-progress over the course of four years as my practice has grown exponentially, with early manifestations being Flux (released late 2013) and Work (released late 2014). Tracks featured in the album include original songs such as My Companion and Sweeteners, and re-works of old songs like Single and Nexen II.

The Bandcamp release includes the official A❤ artwork, a 2600×2000 PNG file which looks great as a wallpaper for any device, two unused landscapes (also PNGs) from the development of the official artwork, and the DoYouRemember3716 font which appears in the teaser trailer and all vocal music videos for the album, with instructions for proper use included.

The A❤ album, its tracks and the official artwork are listed underneath an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Creative Commons license, thus use of the album and the official artwork must not be for commercial gain and must be accompanied by my pseudonym (Jack5) and a link to the Bandcamp page. The track City Border (This Song Ruins The Album) uses a sound effect created by Mike Koenig called ‘2 Minute Storm Sound’ which is listed under an Attribution Creative Commons license. MB is credited for assisting with landscape and character design within the official artwork, and Commander Cello is credited for creating icons for each individual track’s music video. Both have given consent for their contributions to be used commercially.


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