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Sender is a fan-made prequel of Wolfire Games’ first-person gun-mechanics shooter Receiver. Instead of assuming the role of an outsider, you play as an insider piloting a low-budget hover-drone, collecting the pieces of the puzzle for the outsiders before the MindKill. The entire game is singleplayer and comes with three normal maps and one prototype map. Endless highscore possibilities await you with five different difficulties.

First, start your job at the City Border, then, navigate the labyrinth of MindTech’s Weapons Testing facility. Finally, penetrate the core of MindTech operations at Master Control, and gather the final few pieces needed to save those outside. A special bonus map inspired by a mispelling of the game’s title also awaits.

Extra programming was done by TAT3XD, extra sound effects by Navaro, and alpha testing by raddaful and Yoshie. Anton Riehl – A Slow Mindkill was remixed for the game, as it is the lone track in Receiver that stands out.


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