Flap Flap: Cyberflight Supreme

{ Download (Windows required) }

Flap Flap: Cyberflight Supreme is a Flappy Bird clone I built to be interesting, where you play as an orange hollow diamond. It was a long-lasting project that had its roots early in the previous year, though after several revisions and remasterings, became the game we know today. It contains seven gamemodes, four singleplayer and the rest two-player.

In Classic and Alternate, your goal is to ascend after passing 50 pipes. Classic records where you are in the level, but also your number of attempts, and that in turn affects your final score. Alternate switches this out for collectables and super speed, available by pressing Shift. In Endurance, time gets faster with each pipe passed. In Lightup, you must light up 80 unlit tiles. In Freefall, you, and your companion if you have one, are racing to get to the bottom of a random gauntlet.

All of the sound effects and music in the game was made by me. A majority of the graphics are mine, though credit is given where due (excluding the skins, these were random images I found on Google).


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