Autism Educational Video

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Autism Educational Video was one of my two Visual Arts majors for Year 11 at Broughton Anglican College. It aims to present my humorous mental and emotional stance on Autism Spectrum Disorder in the form of videography. Each video clip addresses a stereotype of autism.

Andrew Huang’s song ‘Meatier’ was chosen to orchestrate the clips as it contains a steady beat but heavily fluctuating synths that demonstrate the complexity of Autism. The title is a continuation of the format my videography artwork of the previous year set up, Fiveitis Educational Video.

The artwork was created in Sony Vegas Pro 13. In the first render the clips were arranged underneath the green text reading AUTISM, then in the second render the first render was placed over the top of the clips (which were then inverted) and the text was registered as a green screen through which the inverted clips could be seen.



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