Devil’s Dodecahedron

Charcoal and texta on canvas, 61x30.5cm. Devil's Dodecahedron is a completely original work and my major in Year 11 Visual Arts. It would later become the basis for Devil's Icosahedron & Artist Educational Video. The front of the object in the centre of the picture has a power-point etched into it.



{ Watch } OTHᴲLLO is an adaptation of Shakespeare's play Othello set in a universe similar to the world of YouTuber Filthy Frank, where time is measured in chromosomes and the divide of the species is between those that detest anime and those that adore it. It was produced in collaboration with schoolmates Smurf, 'Bane',... Continue Reading →


Crayon on canvas, 25.5x30.25cm. Self-portrait was inspired by Mark Rothko's work. This "horizontal drawing" is very literal, with each colour resembling a particular object. The blue in the picture is the sky, the yellow my hair, the colour underneath is my skin, the thin bar a stand-in for my eyes, the orange my favourite colour,... Continue Reading →

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