Untitled (Please insert e-soul) and misc. other Portal maps


{ Download all miscellaneous maps (Portal required) }

Untitled (Please insert e-soul) was finished on May the 9th, 2015, and was my first major Visual Art piece from Year 11 of my time at Broughton Anglican College. It is a Portal map that uses primitive textures in order to create an arguably perfect likeness of the Information Resource Centre, or library, of the college. Inside the IRC however, is a labyrinth of Aperture Science hallways and experiments that defy the laws of space. The artwork comments on how the future is altering space and enhancing technology, and opens a window for viewers to comment on whether or not this is a positive or negative reality, and whether or not they choose to put faith in these new technologies. The artwork was exhibited at the college for a week, wherein a laptop was placed inside the Information Resource Centre and the map was loaded.

The artwork is now available for personal viewing in a map pack on GameBanana, which contains two other maps made at around the same time: Cleanchamber and Funmap. Cleanchamber (originally known as Spawnroom Dev) was an attempt at replicating the endless opportunities of a Portal mod in a single map file, which contains a spawn room (hence the original name), a waiting room and a simple but well-polished chamber. Many of the textures and sound effects are custom, the music being Andrew Huang’s “Day by Day”. You do not use the portal gun. Funmap is a very tiny but oddly creative map that contains the standard Portal textures, both types of cubes and some extra models, all intertwined into an easy to solve but seemingly endless puzzle. It is great for testing mods that affect the default models/materials/sounds.


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