The 2014 Collection

The 2014 Collection is a re-creation of the 2011 Collection in that it uses roughly the same practice, but instead on A5 paper. Each of the artworks were created one day apart from each other, and all of them have titles. The exact dates of their creation are uncertain, though they were made around September.


1047 1047

abstruct Abstrüct

unity Unity

it-is-now-safe-to-turn-off-your-computer It is now safe to turn off your computer

direct Direct

legend-of-link Legend of Link

leak Leak

flimsy-reality Flimsy Reality

blustix BluStix

please-help Please Help

Don't Draw Me I'm Creative.png Don’t Draw Me I’m Creative

b B

colour Colo(u)r

This book.png This book

Some artworks are yet to be added to this article.

09%2F05 Leftovers Leftovers.png

Tools of the Trade Tools of the Trade