High Score Productions

{ Watch the remnants }

High Score Productions was an amateur comedy channel which essentially aimed to rip off CollegeHumor, created in late 2010 and lasting until early 2011 because of tensions between the cast. All whole remainders of the videos were deleted in 2015. The YouTube channel starred me, Kyle, Jonathan, and another person which I am prohibited from naming. I acted as the director of the channel, though our responsibilities were equally shared as it was more a deal of us having fun rather than appealing to an audience.

Complete videography log

Introduction – All of the cast members introduce themselves, the different kinds of videos on the channel, and practically scream for the entire duration of the video. I end the video abruptly as I forget what to say next.

Babysitter (starring the unknown boy and Jonathan) – Jonathan is taking care of a puppet. The unknown boy enters and destroys the puppet. Jonathan becomes distressed and leaves the room.

Bad Music (starring me and Jonathan) – I am listening to The Hamster Dance. Jonathan comes in, pretending to be me, and asks “Hey Jack, why are you listening to gay music?”. I then turn off my music and yell “TRIANGLE!” while throwing a triangle at Jonathan.\

Best Magic Trick Ever (starring the unknown boy) – The unknown boy attempts to make a cloth disappear. After failing, he throws the cloth out of view and claims he has succeeded. The puppet from Babysitter is thrown at him.

Fake Horse (starring Jonathan and me) – Jonathan is riding a toy horse. I enter and question why he is doing so. Jonathan grabs another toy horse, and rides it around the room Benny Hill-style, whacking me over the head with it, killing me instantly.

Hide And Seek (starring the unknown boy and me) – The unknown boy places a cloth over his head, and hides in a corner of the room. I enter the room, slap him, then leave. The unknown boy, proud of his sick dupe, begins screaming and twirling in the center of the room. I return quickly and tackle him.

Pirate Game (starring Kyle and Jonathan) – Kyle is playing with a pirate playset. The triangle used in Bad Music is part of this playset. Jonathan enters and destroys the playset, Kyle saying something inaudible in response.

The Prized Pear (starring me and the unknown boy) – I begin rolling around on a couch upon hearing the unknown boy has won a prize. He reveals to me that it is a golden pear. At first, I am unimpressed, though upon holding the pear I turn semi-demonic, with the caption I WILL DESTROY ALL UNICORNS.

You Are Gay (starring me and the unknown boy) – I pretend to be a psychologist and tell the unknown boy that he is gay. The unknown boy screams “Oh my god I’m gay!” and runs out of the room. He returns, steals some chocolate, then runs away again.


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