The Sonic Movies

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Warning: These videos are not generally suitable for adult audiences because they can invoke bad memories or a distaste for childhood. Only use these as a platform for comparing my current videography practice to my more ancient roots.

The Sonic Movies are three films (The Sonic Movie: Adventure in the Lost World, The Sonic Movie: Trouble in Sector 101 and Mario and Sonic’s Time Machine), all  8-12 minutes long that I unfortunately decided to create when I was only 11 or 12 years of age, originating from late 2009 to early 2011 as a result of my mad obsession with the Mario and Sonic franchises, and also my discovery of YouTube. They were directed by me, and Mario and Sonic’s Time Machine was the only video out of the few to star just me. The other two videos also starred another person who I am not allowed to name. Mario and Sonic’s Time Machine, although not officially part of The Sonic Movies, is counted as one since I reacted to said three videos in a row.


The Sonic Movie: Adventure in the Lost World – Sonic and Mario are somehow transported to the real world, and Mario’s body and soul are stolen by E-123 Omega. Sonic tries to fight the robot but fails and is captured. After escaping from a cell, Sonic learns from his actions and finally defeats the robot by turning on its jetpack and flying it into the sun. At this point, Mario’s body (now re-accompanied with his soul) floats down to meet Sonic. The movie ends with the two main characters returning to their home consoles (implying Sonic’s home console is of the Sony brand).

The Sonic Movie: Trouble in Sector 101 – The second movie starts where the first left off, though fails to account Sonic saying “Oh man, I’m in that same place again!”. Sonic meets E-123 Omega again, who shows Sonic his new ship; a LEGO Sith Infiltrator. Sonic attempts to take out the threat by boarding a ‘speeder’, though accidentally gets too close to the sun and enters paralysis. The robot captures Sonic and takes him to its mechanical dungeon for mandatory testing. In said dungeon, E-123 Omega checks a neighbouring sector due to a security breach warning, leaving time for a much larger Mario to take Sonic’s body away. He is able to only partly cure Sonic’s paralysis, and thus must return to the dungeon to completely cure Sonic. Realising Sonic has been cured of his paralysis, E-123 Omega suicides hoping to destroy the hero duo with an explosion, though Mario and Sonic are able to escape the invisible explosion. Sonic and Mario (who takes a moment to snag his ‘fire flowers’) then escape using the robot’s ship.

Mario and Sonic’s Time Machine – Mario and Sonic find a time machine and travel into the future to discover they are both having weddings on the same day (as well as a third between Daisy and Luigi). First Future Mario and Peach are married, then Luigi and Daisy, but just before Future Sonic and Amy can be married, E-123 Omega infiltrates and steals Amy. Future Sonic and Past Sonic rush to save Amy, though Past Mario stops Past Sonic and gives him a mandatory lesson about the time-space continuum. The two past characters then return back to their own times, essentially forgetting what they saw. The film ends with several villains (who had not starred in the film previously) uncovering the abandoned time machine.


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