Soldier’s Dispenser Collab

{ Watch the full collab (warning: adult content) } { Watch my entry only } Raxxo is a Source Filmmaker animator whose animations are often unexplainable due to the sensory overload they invoke and equally unexplainable creatures. On the 20th of October, 2012, he made Soldier Finds His Final Dispenser which would set the tone... Continue Reading →

TFKart SMK Mario Circuit 4

  { Download } TFKart SMK Mario Circuit 4 is my first ever TFKart map. I was heavily inspired by tfkart_smkbowserscastle_v4, however this map has much more than just spellbooks. It features a multitude of other improvements including boost pads, a lower ceiling to control the parachute spell's insane height, a checkpoint system that supports... Continue Reading →

Alternate gamemode maps and prefabs

To establish myself on the Rushy Servers Wacky Maps servers, I decided to make some alternate gamemodes for existing Valve maps, and made prefabs for some of them so others could add these gamemodes to their maps easily. Below are all of the alternate gamemode maps. Domination Standin (has developer commentary) Invade CTF Freight Hold... Continue Reading →

Video collaborations with Peri

  { Watch Actually, Don't High Five Us } { Watch Heavy is Engineer (Dear SoundSmith) } In January and February of 2018, I teamed up with Steam friend Peri to create two gameplay-focused Team Fortress 2 videos. The first is a high five challenge to see who can get the least high fives, and... Continue Reading →

The Distant Kingdom

  { Download (SMBX required) } { Watch longplay } The Distant Kingdom is a level pack (or as it is known in the community, an "episode") for Super Mario Bros. X that dates back to 2015, but was left abandoned until 2018. It tells the cliché story of how Princess Daisy has been kidnapped... Continue Reading → website

{ Visit site } During my time working for free on the moderation team for Rushy Servers, I had the opportunity to test my HTML and CSS skills by designing a donation page from the ground up, including all image assets. The server owner helped me with the JavaScript side of the page, however. I... Continue Reading →

NullpoMino mods

{ View GameBanana page on NullpoMino } I fell in love with NullpoMino when I first found out about it, but when I looked to see if GameBanana had made any mods, no-one had yet stepped up to the plate. Thus I decided to barrage the site with both my mods and mods from other... Continue Reading →

Super Nintendo Comedy Chronicles

{ Watch } { Watch trailer } Super Nintendo Comedy Chronicles is a return to the old skit-based figurine-holding comedy formula that I used to rely on to create anything remotely funny on YouTube. This collaboration between me and Sean, my long-time Nintendo-nerd friend, has been my biggest video project yet. We filmed all the... Continue Reading →

Sound mods

{ View on GameBanana } On GameBanana I have created many sound mods that apply to a few select games, mostly Team Fortress 2. These mods range from my own work to that of others, ports of existing sounds to completely original effects, and everything inbetween. A majority of these mods also work with the... Continue Reading →

Zombie Survival map optimisations

  As part of my time playing Team Fortress 2, I had taken a liking to the Zombie Survival community gamemode, where weapon-less Medics would attempt to infect an entire team of sentry-less Engineers before time runs out, and decided to make a couple of gamemode specific maps, even though only a couple became official.... Continue Reading →

Smash Bros. maps

      { Download Smash Bros. Fort Blast Gold } { Download Smash Bros. Winc (Rushy Version) } Smash Bros., also known as "Smash Fortress", is a custom gamemode in Team Fortress 2 in which a team's aim is to knock all enemies into the skybox surrounding a map, and the team with the... Continue Reading →


{ Download my contributions } Note that Outertale is not a fangame but only a concept. If you have any intentions of making Outertale into a fangame, please do not attempt to. Too many people have tried and failed, and it would be preferred for the cycle not to repeat itself. Outertale is a fan-made... Continue Reading →

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