Greetings everyone.

My name is Jack5 and I’m a stereotypical white male from New South Wales, Australia. I am an extremely Internet-savvy person, hence why you’ll find a lot of content in this online portfolio that you can consume right away. Enjoy yourself and thank me later.

Sometimes I make cool stuff. Here’s some of it. You can find more on YouTube.

Weapon Stereotypes in Zombie Survival: Episode 2

The long awaited sequel to my most popular YouTube video to date, all about the Team Fortress 2 custom game mode.

Return to Sender

My video game demo that was in the works for many months, finally released to the public.

Guardian Caster

A two-player Mann vs. Machine map for Team Fortress 2, made in collaboration with professional mission makers and Docteur Whoa.

Only The Good Ones

My magnum opus of my music career, containing remasters of my best tracks, free to download and royalty free.

Mini Metro unlisted video

Continuing the trend of revealing a large majority of the Explains Things series to patrons only, my review of Mini Metro was posted to YouTube on the 20th of June, 2015. I personally believe that this episode of Explains Things is one of the closest things to a review out of all the others.

Leaving it all behind

Yesterday I announced in a video blog that I was leaving Rushy Servers, and explained my reasons for doing so. It took a lot of effort on my part to speak up about the issues I was facing, and to abandon a large part of myself. Unfortunately, for the benefit of my own emotional well-being, […]

Patrons are now credited during streams

On the 10th of January I announced that I would be mostly ceasing my Team Fortress 2-themed content in order to preserve my mental health during these troubling times. This has raised the potential problem of patrons not getting the rewards they deserve. With this new change to my Patreon, the rewards that were originally […]

Return to Worms W.M.D

In my latest video on YouTube I have once again played a round of Worms W.M.D, though this time the setting has changed. Instead of Engineers vs. Snipers like in my first W.M.D video, I have now pitted Heavies vs. Spies. This video is part of experimentation to see if my gameplay-focused content still holds […]

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